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1957 Enicar Sea Pearl

Most watch collectors have a special place in their hearts for divers, but how often do we look outside of the usual suspects made by the majors like Rolex and Seiko?

Craft+Tailored’s resident trend spotter, Tyler Vanes, has certainly demonstrated an acute eye for watches that are a steal, but won’t be for long, and it’s esoteric divers which have caught his attention lately. If you’re a longtime fan of Craft+Tailored, you already know that Tyler is a serious champion (and collector) of the under-loved, ultra high quality divers produced by the Zodiac brand, but in this episode of our video series Under the Radar, Tyler submerges into the hidden charms and innovations of an Enicar Sea Pearl, which was made in 1957 and is absolutely loaded with intriguing details and history.  

From the swooping “ultrasonic” branding on its dial (and the innovation it advertises) to the watch’s history as a favorite of Navy Seals, to its distinctly mid-century design cues, this Enicar boasts that magic combination of form, history, and function which we simply go nuts for at Craft+Tailored. This particular example has aged to sport a patina that’s delicate and graceful without showing any signs of abuse. While it’s not a particularly large watch, its bold, swooping lugs, high visibility dial, and chunky crown make it a watch that still makes a statement and provides a very masculine, utility-focused, sporty feel. Even without all the history and innovation in its production, we’d be sold on this fantastic benthic baby by its elegant fonts and textured texts alone! Dive in and take a closer look at this Enicar while getting the whole story from Tyler himself at the link below. And be sure to keep your eyes peeled for emerging trends in vintage divers, but don’t tell us we didn’t warn you when these are going for bigger bucks!


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