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1960 Omega Railmaster Ref. 2914-6 "Lollipop"

Launched in 1957 as part of Omega’s iconic “Trilogy” of purpose-built professional watches, the Railmaster is often regarded as the forgotten sibling of the Speedmaster and the Seamaster 300. While the Speedmaster would become the first watch worn on the Moon and the Seamaster line would go on to spawn the official watch of James Bond.

However, the Railmaster never received the sort of mainstream recognition or love, but it represents an important part of Omega’s history. In our most recent installment of What Is On My Wrist, Craft + Tailored’s CEO Cameron Barr takes a closer look at a stunning 1960 Omega Railmaster ref. 2914-6 “Lollipop” to explain just what people are missing with this frequently overlooked toolwatch. 

The single greatest factor that kept the Omega Railmaster from widespread popularity was most likely the basic purpose for its creation. While the Speedmaster was originally designed for the racetrack and the Seamaster 300 was created for professional divers, the Railmaster was built to function as an antimagnetic watch for scientists and those working in close proximity to strong electrical fields. Simply put, the Railmaster’s intended purpose wasn’t nearly as exciting as racing cars or scuba diving and it lost out on the romance the other two provided. Additionally, while both the Speedmaster and Seamaster 300 wear their functionality on the outside of their cases in the form of rotating bezels and chronograph pushers, the Railmaster’s defining features are all internal and provide the watch with its magnetic resistance without any visual fanfare.

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