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1966 Breitling ref. 765CP Co-Pilot

Vintage Breitling has an instantly recognizable design language and the marque produced no small sum of alluring designs in its golden era. However, despite the brand’s popularity in its contemporary guise, unless you’re an aviation enthusiast, it seems as if vintage Breitling still inexplicably lives in the blindspot of many watch collectors.

We here at C  + T happen to be massive fans of the innovative, functional, and just plain beautiful watches Breitling produced over the years – particularly the brand’s ‘60s output. In this episode of our series What Is On My Wrist, Craft + Tailored CEO and frequent flier, Cam Barr, takes a look at a rare Breitling that perfectly exemplifies everything we love about the brand’s ’60s designs while additionally embodying the romance of air travel: A 1966 ref. 765CP Co-Pilot.

While the ref. 765CP boasts many of Breitling’s signature ‘60s aesthetic touches, it also features a few touches that are unique and exclusive to this model – particularly in that oh-so-cool 3 o’clock sub-dial. Yes, those are indeed lume plots in a sub-dial and that sub-dial is slightly larger than its brethren at the 6 and the 9. This episode also affords us the opportunity to clarify some mythology surrounding one of Rolex’s insanely rare (and exorbitantly expensive) references, the ref. 6236 triple day-date calendar chronograph. While that Rolex is an incredibly cool watch in its own right, it has been inaccurately associated with French alpine skier and three time Olympic champion Jean-Claude Killy, who has long been a Rolex brand ambassador, but never actually wore the ref. 6236! In fact, Killy wore one of those beautiful Breitlings for many years and was frequently photographed with his at ski events! 

This particular example of the ref. 765CP is in wonderful condition, showing a warm, honest patina and what we feel is just the right kind of wear. It’s one of those watches that we get into the shop and have a hard time letting go of and we’re sure you’ll understand why after checking out the video at the link below. And don’t forget to like and subscribe for more!

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