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1983 Rolex GMT Ref 16750 "Matte Dial"

With the sort of long term production run the Rolex GMT-Master has enjoyed, it makes sense that these icons of the sports watch world offer a relatively wide breadth of references and variants within them to choose from.

However, while some – like the ref. 1675 – have become ultra-desirable classics, the transitional period early production run of the ref. 16750, with their beautiful “matte” dials and unique combination of features, have become something of a cult favorite in recent years. These watches strike a really lovely balance between the things we all love about older GMTs and some excellent upgrades – both aesthetically and mechanically – that have helped to keep this model vital and allowed it to evolve with the times to become a favorite amongst a new generation of Rolex fans. 

In this episode of our video series What’s On My Wrist, Craft + Tailored CEO (and actual real  life user of GMT functions) Cam Barr takes a good, hard look at a fabulous example of the early transitional ref. 16750. Between its wonderful “Pepsi” bezel insert and killer “matte” dial, these watches tie together some of our favorite GMT-Master features, but there’s more than meets the eye here! Cam explains the technical differences that made these watches an upgrade to their predecessors and discusses their unique place in the market as a reference that lives between times.

While there’s plenty of high quality watch porn in this installment, this episode is a particularly educational affair for those of you that have spent the last few years toe-dipping at the edge of the GMT-Master pond. Sure, we all dig a “Pepsi” bezel GMT in any of its various guises, but what really makes one reference more desirable than the next? With the market on these watches ascending faster than a Pan-Am jet, don’t you think you should educate yourself a bit? We’re here to help, so click that link below and don’t forget to like, comment, and subscribe because that’s just the right thing to do.

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