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From You to You: 10 Post-Holiday Gift Ideas

Alright, it’s Christmas week, we’re already halfway through the eight days of Hanukkah, the Festivus pole rises today, and Kwanzaa begins on Monday. Forgiving the possibility that we left out a major winter holiday, odds are if you haven’t already secured your gifts for people, you blew it! It’s too late.

Bust out the Sharpie and write a heartfelt I.O.U., spin up a good story about supply chain issues, and pray for forgiveness. Hell, your gifting may have actually been a victim of supply chain issues! Who knows? That said, it’s never too late to treat yourself, and honestly, you deserve it. It’s been a wild few years for all of us and if you’re in the enviable position to enjoy a bit of indulgence, you should! The world is harsh, the news cycle is exhausting, and a little (or substantial, if you can) treat is the least you could do to keep your spirits up. 

The good news is C + T’s got you covered when it’s time to do a little auto-gifting. Whether you’ve been considering a new (old) watch, need some accessories for your watch collection, or maybe just some fun and functional lifestyle goods, we’ve got something for everyone and in a wide range of price points. In fact, we’ve even taken the work out of browsing (though we know how nice a fireplace scroll can be this time of year) and compiled a list of 10 gift ideas from the C + T shop to treat yourself with. Happy whatever, and to all a great whatever – from your friends at C + T!  

Craighill Nickel Bookends:  

If you’ve ever been to C + T’s Los Angeles HQ or watched a video shot in our showroom, you already know that we not only love tchotchkes and homeware accessories, we also happen to have great taste when it comes to the small elements that finish a room. These bookends from Craighill are a perfect example of an affordable and functional bit of homeware flare that’s both timeless and upscale. 

Buy them here

1984 Rolex GMT-Master (ref. 16750) Matte Dial:

We’re not above breaking the 4th wall occasionally here on the C +T Journal and I’m going to be honest with you; I don’t know that this watch is really that great a treat for someone else, but it’s my favorite watch on our site right now. I love this era of GMT-Master, I love its blueish bezel fade, and to me, it’s the perfect daily-wearable Rolex sports watch. I personally want this watch and you should buy it so I am no longer tempted. 

Buy it here (please, I’m begging you.)

Alsta Nautoscaph IV - Tropic "Limited Edition":

We’ve been really enjoying the heritage-inspired modern offerings we recently introduced to C + T’s watch collection and this model from Alsta is, in our opinion, the best bang-for-the-buck vintage-inspired diver you can get today. At well under $1k, this watch is rugged, functional, and that bright orange dial will add a pop of color to your watch collection, but is a legitimately utility-minded feature that makes this all-business diver extremely visible underwater. Best known as the brand that made the awesome diver seen on Hooper’s wrist in Jaws (also a Nautoscaph model), Alta’s modern offerings are as underrated as they are affordable. When you want something with heritage, quality, and style, but don’t want to be another guy rocking a Seiko SKX, this is the answer.

Buy it here

Handmade Leather Watch Straps: 

Nothing breathes new life into a watch collection like updating your strap options and we’ve expanded and upgraded our strap offerings in a dramatic way this year. Our strap selection now includes a ton of new color options and all of our handmade leather straps feature rich materials and fabulously high quality finishing. We particularly dig the bold pop of color the Saffiano leather strap in olive can give a tool watch, and the way that green brings out the best in aged lume. 

Shop the Collection

Bergeon No.3153 Spring Bar Tool:

If you spring for some new straps to spruce up the collection, it’s probably a good idea to upgrade your spring bar tool. These Bergeon tools are what we use at C + T HQ. They’re built to last in Switzerland, they have a millimeter scale built into their body, and they’re the most functional version of this type of tool we’ve found. Why risk chewing up new straps with a lesser implement? Be civilized. 

Buy it here

1977 Rolex Datejust 18K YG (ref. 1601) Black "Confetti" Dial:

This is admittedly a big treat, but this watch has been a team favorite since arriving here at C + T and we can’t help but talk about it every chance we get. The way that velvety black “confetti” dial plays off of the warm yellow gold of this watch’s case and appointments is something that simply must be experienced in-the-metal to truly appreciate, but it’s a very unique take on the most versatile watch ever made. It also looks particularly handsome on its NOS factory leather strap, which retains its factory gold Rolex-branded buckle. 

Buy it here

1960s Heuer Carrera 45 (ref. 3647D) "Blue Decimeter":

For those of us that love vintage Heuer watches, but prefer a more delicate aesthetic than much of their classic rugged-looking chronographs offer, the ‘60s Carrera models are the perfect way to access this brand’s incomparable motorsports heritage and vibe, but with a bit more refinement. At 36mm, this beautiful “blue decimeter” example of the Carrera 45 has a refined, almost elegant appeal that splits the difference between track-minded chrono and daily wearable piece. 

Buy it here

A Man & His Watch: Iconic Watches & Stories from the Men Who Wore Them:

If you’ve paid attention to the C + T Journal for long, you’ll know that we absolutely adore the human element of watch collecting and the stories these little wonders can tell and carry with them. We also believe that any watch collector will enjoy Matt Hranek’s now iconic book A Man & His Watch, and if there’s one watch-related book on your shelf, it should be this one. Every page of it underlines exactly what we love most about this hobby and it’s the kind of book that truly transcends the watch world altogether in a way that makes it a great conversation piece in general. Cheers, Matt! 

Buy it here

1971 Seiko Automatic Chronograph (ref. 6139-6005) "Blue Pogue":

Perhaps you’re hot for something that sports a “Pepsi” bezel, but are feeling boxed-out by the ever-ascending market for steel Rolex GMTs? This watch has a “Pepsi” vibe, but also boasts its own unique and undeniably cool ‘70s aesthetic for a fraction of the price. Not only is it accessible, this Seiko chrono has an intriguing history as possibly the first automatic chronograph ever brought to market and a bonafide space watch! A very similar model (with a yellow dial) was literally snuck into space by astronaut Colonel William Pogue, who preferred his personal Seiko for quick calculations to the Omega Speedmaster NASA issued him, thus earning the 6139-6005 its “Pogue” nickname. Not bad for a hair over a grand!

Buy it here

PolyWatch Plastic Crystal Polish and Scratch Remover:

We here at C + T believe that if you own vintage watches, you should wear your vintage watches and wear them often! There’s nothing sadder than a wonderful piece living its years out in the winder or hidden from sight, and with daily wear comes the occasional crystal scratch. PolyWatch takes the pain out of those mishaps and does a remarkable job of removing scratches and haze from vintage acrylic crystals. We use it all the time on new product before we list it and we promise you’ll be amazed at how well it works! 

Buy it here

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