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Rolex Confetti Dials

One of the things we absolutely adore about vintage Rolex is the incredible amount of variation available within single model ranges. Whether it be a byproduct of the brand experimenting with different finishing techniques or just the subtle evolution a design goes through when it’s been in production for as long as most staple Rolex models, you’ve never quite seen it all.

One example of the infinite nuance available in vintage Rolex that’s been receiving a lot more attention in recent years is the “confetti” dial, a rare type of dial that might look black from afar (or brown in some cases), but is actually composed of specks of multiple colors. In this episode of our series What Is On My Wrist, Craft + Tailored’s CEO Cameron Barr takes a moment to celebrate a pair of incredibly cool “confetti” dial Rolexes that recently came into C + T HQ! 

We love the “look closer” effect “confetti” dial Rolexes provide. These dials were fitted to Day-Dates and Datejust references and when viewed under a loupe, the colors are immediately apparent, but to the naked eye, they have a matte, almost velvet-like appearance that adds a very unique, but upscale look to Rolex’s most iconic and versatile models. The examples we have in-hand today show off both sides of the “confetti” dial spectrum, with a steel ref. 1601 Datejust on bracelet and a ref. 1803 Day-Date on a NOS factory leather band. Both offer the same killer “confetti” feel in a familiar form factor, and both provide that look at drastically different price points. These watches are increasingly desirable rarities and we’ve seen the market on them rise steadily as more people have grown privy to the dial variations available in vintage Rolex and have started to explore the oddities that exist outside of the more common silver, blue, and champagne dials we tend to see in Day-Dates and Datejusts.

While we can all agree a vintage Day-Date or Datejust is a perfect watch in and of itself, there is nothing quite like a unique variant to draw in the eye or to communicate with other collectors. For our money, the “confetti” dials pack a huge punch when it comes to that, but they’re also increasingly collectible watches that we think are going to continue to become a very hot ticket in the vintage Rolex world.

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