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453 South Spring St. Suite 1100. Los Angeles, California 90013.

Chris Fernandez - Tattoo Artist

Manhattan's Bowery District has been described over the years using a lot of colorful language. Its residents mocked as "degenerates", its establishments relinquished as "cheap" shadows of what once was. Fuck that.

This neighborhood has spawned truly original and spectacular American art – including generations of tattoo artists. This small, overlooked corner is where art was able to flourish despite, at times rather aggressive, attempts at “reform”.  This neighborhood also happens to house Kings Avenue Tattoo. A world-famous tattoo parlor home to a number of acclaimed artists including the focus of today’s episode of “The Details” – Chris Fernandez.

In this episode, Cam sits down with Chris for a little stick n’ poke fun. They talk about watches, design, and the history of NYC tattooing. While Cam goes under the needle, Chris shares his story of how he got into tattooing and provides some background into his distinctive tattooing style. Bzz Bzzzz my friends, this one is permanent.

Check out Kings Ave Tattoo and Chris Fernandez on Instagram to get all the latest. Also subscribe to Craft + Tailored on YouTube for all this type of video content. Cool?

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