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The Glycine Airman

In this episode of “Under The Radar” Tyler talks about the Glycine Airman. The Airman was a watch produced out of necessity for the encroaching “Jet Age” of the 1950s. The Airman was designed around the requests from international pilots themselves, a watch that was automatic with a 24-hour dial and date function with centralized hands and a rotating 24-hour bezel. Essentially this watch is a GMT allowing for the tracking of two different timezones, but the rotating bezel on the Airman could be locked into place using the break that is operated by the secondary crown at the 4 o’clock position on the case. This allowed the pilots to accurately calculate unique time zones that are in-between hourly intervals. The Glycine Airman also features a unique hacking system for the sweep-seconds hand to synchronize timing to the exact second. This is executed through a small wire that comes out of a small hole in the dial between the 2 and 4 of the 24-hour marker that is essentially invisible to the naked eye and is controlled by a lever system that is operated through the crown.

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