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It's about more than just watches

It’s about reverence, passion, and purpose. We tell stories of remarkable things and the remarkable people responsible for their creation.

The Details David Fahey of the Fahey/Klein Gallery on Phil Stern

Phil Stern’s iconic photos changed the way we all approach photography. We explore his work with David Fahey of the Fahey/Klein Gallery in this episode of The Details.

Buyer's Guide 6 Perfect Summer Watches from the Current Collection

Every collection needs a solid weekender or “summer watch.” These 6 selects from our current collection are ideal options

David Von Bader
Watches + Style Meet Johan Lam of 3sixteen: American selvedge denim savior and a man on a mission to make things that age gracefully

Johan Lam of 3sixteen is a denim obsessive, designer, and a watch collector that’s obsessed with how things age

David Von Bader

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  • What Is On My Wrist

    1968 Omega Speedmaster Professional ref. 145.022

  • Under the Radar

    1956 Tudor Oyster ref. 7934

  • What Is On My Wrist

    1960 Rolex Datejust ref. 1601 in 18k Rose Gold

  • Under the Radar

    1940s Jardur Bezelmeter Aviation Chronograph

  • What Is On My Wrist

    Seiko Hi-Beat Professional Diver 300M ref. 6159-7001

  • Under the Radar

    1960s Clebar-Zodiac Chrono Made by Heuer

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Complicated History Shining the Spotlight on Cinematographer’s Watches

The final decades leading up to the arrival of the quartz movement were a golden era for mechanical timepieces. It was during these years that we saw the proliferation of the tool watch and an incredibly wide range of purpose-built models, with each one designed to serve a specific function.

Ripley Sellers
Driven Meet Vince Perraud: Photographer and Porsche Enthusiast

Vince Perraud’s photos capture the romance of the past.

David Von Bader
Look Closer The Many Faces and Fast Fans of a Flagship

What’s really in a name? Andretti, Siffert, Rindt, Jagger. No, we’re not setting you up for the old “three racers and a rock star walk into a bar” joke.

David Von Bader
Watches + Style Meet Role Club’s Brian “Brian the Bootmaker” Truong, a man hand-making arguably the finest boots on the planet

Brian the Bootmaker delivers traditional boots from workwear to art work.

David Von Bader
Look Closer The Jaeger LeCoultre Reverso is Actually a Sports Watch

The Jaeger LeCoultre is a beloved and immediately recognizable watch design. However, it’s a misunderstood icon.

Ripley Sellers
Chasing Time 30 Days on the Road: Thoughts, Musings, and Stories from Cam Barr’s Notebook

Dispatches from the last 30 days on the road, my thoughts on travel, the growth of C + T, and of course, watches.

Cameron Barr
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