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It’s about reverence, passion, and purpose. We tell stories of remarkable things and the remarkable people responsible for their creation.

Art & Design Meet Jimmy Carbonetti of Carbonetti Guitars: Luthier, Musician, Toulon Golf Collaborator, and Rolex Devotee.

Jimmy Carbonetti’s pursuit of stories has led to a business handcrafting wildly unexpected guitars, playing in one of NYC’s favorite indie rock bands, and collaborating with Toulon Golf. He’s done it all wearing a vintage Rolex.

David Von Bader
Look Closer Why I Don’t Care About Long Power Reserves and Neither Should You

The modern watch world is obsessed with performance metrics, and especially power reserves in recent years, but do they have a real-world benefit? We say no!

Ripley Sellers
Art & Design Devon Turnbull of OJAS Audio’s HiFi Pursuit Listening Room Dream No.1 at Lisson Gallery

Devon Turnbull and OJAS Audio reimagines the HiFi as sculpture at NYC’s Lisson Gallery

David Von Bader

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  • What Is On My Wrist

    1965 Seiko 62MAS – Big and Small Crown Versions

  • Under the Radar

    1970s Aquastar Benthos 500 Chronograph Ref. 1002

  • What Is On My Wrist

    1996 Rolex Air-King “Domino’s” ref. 14000

  • Under the Radar

    1950s Zodiac Hermetic Jet-Aeronaut 24Hr (Ref. 758)

  • What Is On My Wrist

    1986 Rolex Explorer II Ref. 16550

  • Under the Radar

    1960s Hamilton Fontainebleau Odyssee 2001 Ref. 64061-3

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Buyer's Guide Staff Selects for August 2022

The entire C + T team falls in love with the watches we sell daily. These are our the standout pieces oaur staff has selected from the current inventory for August 2022.

Driven Stray Dog Classics and Hagerty Presents Cars & Tacos: An Eclectic Brooklyn Car Meet

NYC has a thriving car culture and it was on full display last weekend at Stray Dog Classics and Hagerty’s Cars & Tacos event.

David Von Bader
Owner's Guide 6 Things I Wish I’d Known When I Started Collecting Vintage Watches

These are the 6 things I’d tell myself if I could go back in time to when I began collecting watches.

Cameron Barr
Driven Meet Stray Dog Classics’ Darren Lilien: Brooklyn’s Range Rover Classic Restomod Devotee and Facilitator

Brooklyn’s Stray Dog Classics restomod take on the iconic Euro-spec Range Rover Classic is potent, stylish, and downright cool.

David Von Bader
Look Closer Why Everyone Needs to Stop Obsessing Over Rolex

Rolex is one of the most important watch brands of all time, but does the Crown still deserve the profile it enjoys?

Ripley Sellers
Look Closer Has the Moonwatch Become a Glass Ceiling for Omega?

Omega’s most important and popular watch remains relatively affordable, but has it become the brand’s glass ceiling?

Ripley Sellers
Buyer's Guide Golden Rule: Six Spectacular Gold Watches from the Current Collection

Gold is back, baby! These are our 6 favorite gold watches from the current collection.

David Von Bader
Art & Design Meet Ashly Stohl: Photographer, Peanut Press Co-Founder and Publisher, and Watch Collector

Ashly Stohl’s work as a photographer and publisher and her love of vintage watches are all tied together by a love of design.

David Von Bader
Complicated History Shining the Spotlight on Cinematographer’s Watches

The final decades leading up to the arrival of the quartz movement were a golden era for mechanical timepieces. It was during these years that we saw the proliferation of the tool watch and an incredibly wide range of purpose-built models, with each one designed to serve a specific function.

Ripley Sellers
Driven Meet Bill Goldstein of Walt Grace Vintage: A Man Living his Proverbial Submarine Dream

Walt Grace Vintage combines vintage exotic cars and guitars. This is its founder Bill Goldstein’s story.

David Von Bader
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