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Look Closer Jason Heaton Auctions Rare Co-Signed Doxa Sub 300T Divingstar Prototype to Benefit Sri Lankan School Children

Jason Heaton harnessed the power of a killer watch to help those in need and his Doxa Divestar prototype found a new home at Craft + Tailored

David Von Bader
A Brief History of They Can’t All Be Winners: A Look at Early Self-Winding Watch Movements

We examine a rare collection of watches that were all early attempts at self-winding movements.

Ripley Sellers
Driven Meet Oilstainlab’s Nikita Bridan and the Half11: The Wildest 911-Based Build You’ve Ever Seen.

Nikita and Iliya Bridan have designed cars for OEMs, works race teams, and Hoonigan, but the outrageous Half11 represents their truest selves.

David Von Bader

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  • What Is On My Wrist

    1958 Rolex Submariner ref. 5508 “Small Crown”

  • Under the Radar

    1970s Bucherer Chronograph – Ref. 651

  • What Is On My Wrist

    1960s Movado Super Sub-Sea Chronograph Ref. 95-704-541

  • Under the Radar

    1960s Zodiac Automatic Triple Calendar Moonphase

  • What Is On My Wrist

    2022 Tudor Pelagos FXD

  • Under the Radar

    1960s Vulcain Cricket Alarm (ref. H.99.101)

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Buyer's Guide Staff Selects for November 2022

The entire C + T team falls in love with the watches we sell daily. These are our the standout pieces oaur staff has selected from the current inventory for November 2022.

Watches + Style Meet Robert Schaeffer of Schaeffer’s Garment Hotel: LA’s Leather Jacket Guru and Denim Designer

When you step off of Sunset Boulevard into Robert Schaeffer’s Hollywood shop, you don’t immediately feel like you’re in a store. You’re first greeted by the scent of decaying vintage leather jackets and freshly dyed denim, but the vibe is decidedly more like a clubhouse than anything else.

David Von Bader
Art & Design Meet Micheal Rapetti of the Motoring Club: If He Builds It, They Will Come.

Michael Rapetti’s dream of a clubhouse for LA’s car culture has been realized, and is on the precipice of a beautiful second act

John Chuldenko
Watches + Style Building a Look Around a Bold, Upscale Cartier Tank Louis with Professional Stylist Turner Allen

Building a look around a watch is a great way to shake things up and get out of a style rut. Pro stylist Turner Allen does just that with Cam Barr’s new Cartier Tank Louis.

Look Closer Deep Dive: An Unexpected Watch with a SEALAB Connection: In a World of Submariners, be an Aquastar!

There is an innate fascination among watch enthusiasts with the concept of the true “tool watch.” It makes for an interesting juxtaposition in today’s watch world, where pieces that were once utilized and seen simply as equipment are now coveted, collected, and protected specifically because they were so apt at their intended utilities.

Justin Couture
Buyer's Guide Staff Selects for October 2022

The entire C + T team falls in love with the watches we sell daily. These are our the standout pieces oaur staff has selected from the current inventory for October 2022.

Chasing Time Luftgekühlt 8: Watch Spotting and Thoughts on the Event by Craft + Tailored CEO and Porsche Enthusiast Cameron Barr

From customized vintage Rolex Daytonas to a kid’s first Tudor, the watches on site at Luftgekühlt 8 proved that car people are almost always watch people.

Cameron Barr
Driven Luftgekühlt 8: Patrick Long’s Air-Cooled Fever Dream Returns to the Port of Los Angeles

Luft 8 delivered on the promise of being one of the most progressive and engaging car show experiences in the world. These are the scenes.

Driven An Audience with Patrick Long: Porsche Racing Legend and Luftgekühlt Visionary

Where does one go after seeing the top of the mountain as a Porsche factory racer? For Patrick Long, Luftgekühlt swaps competition for creativity, but keeps him just as busy as Stuttgart’s favorite Californian.

David Von Bader
A Brief History of A Brief History of: Aquadive’s Titanic Trendsetting Watches of the Deep

Within the ocean of vintage purpose-designed dive watches, forgotten brands float about like flotsam after a wreck, almost always overshadowed by the iconic Swiss marque that rules the depths and bears the gilded crown.

Justin Couture
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