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1960s Zodiac Automatic Triple Calendar Moonphase

We are huge fans of Zodiac watches here at Craft + Tailored, and while it’s often the brand’s sports models that receive the majority of the attention these days in the enthusiast community, those watches represent but one small side of Zodiac’s rich archive.

In fact, many of the brand’s dress-focused designs were unique, refined, and in our opinion, deserve just as much acclaim as the brand’s famous divers and GMT models. In the latest installment of our video series Under the Radar, Craft + Tailored’s very own heat-seeking horology hunter, Tyler Vanes, takes a closer look at a stunning 1960s Zodiac Automatic Triple Calendar Moonphase ref. 742908 and explains why it’s one of his all-time favorite models, and a watch that he actually owns as part of his personal collection.

With a classically-styled round case that is similar to what you will find on a traditional mid-century dress watch, the Zodiac Automatic Triple Calendar Moonphase ref. 742908 offers a similar overall level of sophistication and refinement to what you get from timeless models produced during the same era by blue-chip luxury manufacturers such as Patek Philippe, Blancpain, and Audemars Piguet. However, Zodiac’s Automatic Triple Calendar Moonphase ref. 742908 exists at an exponentially more accessible price point, and one that is even surprisingly affordable compared to the brand’s other vintage offerings. On top of that, the overall design of the watch is decidedly resplendent and elevated, which allows it to effortlessly exist in more formal environments as a traditional horology-focused dress watch, yet a quick strap change can easily dress it down and make it perfectly suited for more casual settings as an everyday timekeeping companion.

Powered by the brand’s Caliber 74 self-winding mechanical movement, the Zodiac Automatic Triple Calendar Moonphase ref. 742908 displays the day, month, date, and moonphase, all presented against a clean and classy gloss black dial. Despite packing a relatively high degree of functionality, the stainless steel case of the Zodiac Automatic Triple Calendar Moonphase measures just 34mm in diameter, resulting in a compact and highly versatile overall package. All things considered, the reference 742908 offers quite a lot of horological complexity, and the fact that these vintage Zodiac calendar watches can still be purchased for around $2,000 makes them incredibly undervalued given everything that they bring to the table in terms of both their functionality and aesthetics. 

With that in mind, compared to the vast majority of other vintage Zodiac models that were produced during the same era, especially some of the more well-known sports models such as the Super Sea Wolf and Aerospace GMT, these Zodiac Automatic Triple Calendar Moonphase reference 742908 watches are quite a bit less common, and we really only see a couple of them per year surface in collector-worthy condition. In fact, the last one that came through the Craft + Tailored shop, Tyler actually purchased for himself, and since adding it to his personal collection, the watch has quickly become one of his go-to daily timepieces for both formal and casual occasions. 


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