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Classic Doxa Diver Design with an Innovative Twist

There are plenty of prestigious tool watches out there, but few back up their marketing hype or design innovations with the kind of authority that Doxa’s dive watches do. The Aqua Lung Quartz Diver ref. 7336-000 “U.S. Divers Co.”

Doxa’s watches hold a special appeal in the hearts of collectors because these watches weren’t just designed to be the best tools for the job – namely keeping divers alive – but were often actually put to the test in that role and favored by actual divers. These watches exude an air of utility and functionality, and the fact that divers ranging from luminaries like Jacques Cousteau himself to scores of unknown amateurs have relied upon Doxa watches over the years gives this marque a special blue collar, everyman appeal that we really appreciate. Truth be told, the brand itself is still somewhat under the radar, but the specific Doxa watch we’re featuring in this episode of our Under The Radar series is particularly rare: A ref. 7336-000 Aqua Lung Quartz Diver “U.S. Divers Co.”

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This watch is special for a number of reasons and before you turn your nose up at it being powered by a quartz movement, we’re going to gently remind you that the days of arbitrarily hating on quartz watches are over, man! The market has recognized in recent years that quartz-powered watches from important marques are valid and often really killer pieces with unique stories to tell, and this Doxa in particular represents an interesting period of transition for the company. Additionally, the ref. 7336-000 carries plenty of the brand’s field-proven innovation, is positively loaded with Doxa’s trademark visual character and wrist presence, and between this watch’s screaming orange dial, expandable “beads of rice” bracelet (with two micro-adjustment features!), and bold 43mm case, there’s no mistaking that this watch was made to do a job and do it well! What’s more, it was made in conjunction with the venerable U.S. Divers Co, further driving home its pedigree.

Suffice to say this rare Doxa is a watch we really dig and our very own watch trend precog, Tyler Vanes, is here to thoroughly explore the whats and whys of this fabulous piece of Doxa history in this episode of Under The Radar. 



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