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Matt Farah of The Smoking Tire

If you’ve had even a cursory interest in cars in the social media age, chances are you’ve seen Matt Farah either talking about them, thrashing test vehicles in video reviews, or hanging out with the upper echelon of car culture cognoscenti.

Farah was an extremely early adopter of YouTube and recognized the platform’s potential as an ideal space to talk about what he loved most when the video hosting site was still in its infancy. Farah’s first video was uploaded to YouTube in 2006 and the low rent, bullshit-free, and genuinely fun video reviews and v-logs he created in the site’s nascent days resonated with the everymen of the car community in a way that would eventually lead to an incredibly prolific career as an automotive journalist, presenter, and producer for some of the most respected publishers in the business.

Farah’s own media group is known as The Smoking Tire and has produced a wildly popular weekly podcast by the same name for several years (which is consistently in the top 3 of automotive podcasts on iTunes), and those early explorations of YouTube have since developed into a channel with nearly 1200 videos uploaded! While Farah is undeniably knowledgeable and has an infectious passion for all aspects (high and low brow) of car culture, his real gift as a journalist and presenter is that his videos always manage to make you feel like you’re simply hanging out with a friend and shooting the shit about cars; there’s no pretense, no hard sells, and it’s incredibly obvious that Farah has always spoken his mind and sidestepped any of the industry-instigated spin that plagues establishment auto journalism. Farah is also a serious watch collector and has amassed a collection of pieces that mirrors his varied taste in cars in that it includes everything from unique, yet affordable thrills (like custom Seikos) to the Rolex sports watch classics we’d all be proud to own.

Farah’s latest venture is a state-of-the-art storage facility called Westside Collector Car Storage which caters to Southern California’s most passionate petrolheads. It’s a purpose-built space that could only come from the mind of a true enthusiast — someone who understands the concerns of those affiliated with the car bug from the perspective of the afflicted. Westside is something of an engineering marvel and as such is home to some of the coolest rides in town — from ultra sleek European hypercars to vintage American hot rods and quite literally everything in between. 

In this episode of our video series the Details, Cam and the Craft+Tailored team pay Matt a visit at Westside Collector Car Storage where we were treated to a detailed tour of the facility and introduced to some of its coolest four-wheeled residents before sitting down with Matt in his podcasting space to discuss his uncanny life as a career enthusiast and of course take a closer look at some of his favorite watches. 

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