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Pairings - The Perfect Strap for the Perfect Watch

The right watch can make an outfit, and the right strap can make the perfect watch. Additionally, one of the quickest and easiest ways to change the look and feel of a familiar and frequently worn timepiece is to switch up its strap.

In less than a few minutes, a quick strap change can transform a timepiece from a formal and conservative dress watch, to a fun and playful piece of weekend wrist-swag that will pair perfectly with a swimsuit and sandals for the upcoming poolside barbeque. Below is a shortlist of the four major types of watchstraps, and when it might be advantageous to switch up the one on your favorite timepiece. Not only does a strap change give your well-loved wristwatch an entirely new appearance, but it can also make it the perfect timepiece for your ever-changing, contemporary life – regardless of whether you plan on spending your next vacation on a tropical beach, or attending a formal, black-tie event – or even both.

Metal Bracelets

A metal bracelet is arguably the most versatile type of watchstrap, as most examples have an appearance that is neither overtly formal nor decidedly casual. They are (by a significant margin) the most expensive type of wrist-fixture for a timepiece, and are most frequently fitted to sport and casual watches; however they can easily be worn with business-casual and formal attire without looking out of place in the slightest.

If you could only choose one type of watchstrap to wear – every single day, for the rest of your life – a metal bracelet would certainly be among the top contenders, if not the absolute most practical option. Metal bracelets are unaffected by moisture, and will generally last longer than other types of watchstraps due to their sturdy, metallic construction. With that in mind, replacement costs for bracelets from luxury timepiece manufacturers are typically extremely high. Additionally, quality aftermarket bracelet options are relatively limited, and in the vast majority of instances, the best metal bracelet for a watch is one that is made by the same manufacturer who produced the timepiece.

Leather Straps

Almost every single type of watch has the ability to look good when paired with the right leather strap. Due to the extensive range of diversity that exists among leather watchstrap options, styles can range from elegant and formal, to casual and vintage-inspired. While they are not at all well suited for timepieces that will frequently be exposed to sweat and other forms of moisture, leather straps are by far the most traditional type of watchstrap, and are easily the best to pair with your watch when dressing in true formal attire.

Leather straps are the natural wrist-fixture for dress watches; however putting one on a pilot’s chronograph or dive watch is an excellent way of switching up its style, while simultaneously giving your modern tool watch a more dressy and/or vintage look and feel. Due to the incredible diversity of styles, not all leather straps will pair well with all watches; however there will certainly be a number of leather straps that look good on every single watch – it is just a matter of finding a complimentary and harmonious pairing.

Rubber Straps

Rubber straps are among the most functional and practical types of wrist-attachments for watches, as they are lightweight, durable, and relatively inexpensive to replace. Most commonly found on sport and tool watches (along with health/fitness trackers), rubber straps are both comfortable and waterproof, and are readily available in styles that range from sporty and colorful, to utilitarian and vintage-inspired.

While they are highly functional, rubber straps are also the least formal in their overall appearance, and will likely look quite out of place on most classically styled, dress watches. However, where rubber straps excel most is as a lightweight alternative to the stock metal bracelets found on many sports watches and divers. Swapping out a metal bracelet for a high-quality rubber strap is the perfect way to switch up the style of your timepiece and decrease its overall weight, all without sacrificing any of its functionality or water-resistant properties.

Nylon / Nato Straps

Nylon straps come in a variety of different styles, and each one possesses its own unique name (NATO, Zulu, RAF, etc.); however all the different variants will ultimately have a similar list of drawbacks and benefits. Nylon straps are incredibly inexpensive and readily available in nearly every single color combination imaginable. Additionally, they are lightweight, durable, comfortable to wear, and entirely waterproof – although they do take longer to dry compared to rubber straps and metal bracelets.

Depending on their color and configuration, nylon straps tend to either have an inherently casual or tactical aesthetic. While they are generally not the most traditional watchstrap to pair with a suit and tie (unless you are James Bond), colorful nylon straps are an excellent way of making an elegant and traditionally styled dress watch infinitely more casual and ready for the hot summer months. Additionally, more conservatively colored, nylon straps are the perfect way to play up the military heritage of a pilot’s chronograph or dive watch; and should they ever get dirty or acquire an offensive odor, they can be easily washed in the kitchen sink or even with your next load of laundry.

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