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1960 Rolex Datejust ref. 1601 in 18k Rose Gold

Here’s the thing about the Rolex Datejust that we just love (both as collectors and as a dealer of vintage watches): This model has been produced consistently for so many decades that there’s an incredible amount of variety available within what many consider the perfect form-factor for a wristwatch.

We all know that there is no wristwatch more essential or versatile than the Rolex Datejust, that these watches can go from leisurewear and casual looks to black tie without issue, that they’re relatively carefree to own, and they’re an icon for a reason. We always say a Datejust could just as easily be your first Rolex as it could be your last and it’s the goddamn truth! These are the kings of the “one watch collection.” That said, not all Datejusts are created equal. 

As previously mentioned, the Datejust’s marathon production run has allowed for a massive amount of variance in the details of a form that’s gone fundamentally unchanged for its entire lifespan, and that is exactly where the real fun of collecting begins! And every once-in-a-while, a true rarity amongst Datejusts lands on one of the desks here at C + T HQ in Los Angeles – something so special that we have to feature it in an episode of our series What is on My Wrist! This week’s installment marks just such an occasion: In this episode, Craft + Tailored’s CEO and low-key rose gold enthusiast Cam Barr takes a good look at an absolutely stunning and wildly rare Datejust (ref. 1601) from 1960 that’s rendered in 18k rose gold, is worn on an 18k rose gold Oyster bracelet, boasts an undeniably handsome “Alpha” handset and “Dagger” markers, and is in truly beautiful condition to boot!

Something that can be hard to accurately illustrate in photos is just how understated vintage rose gold can be, especially in the form of a Datejust. It has a warmth and a depth to it that yellow gold tends to lack, and in many ways, a watch like this is the ultimate gold Rolex for the collector that might have considered a yellow gold Rolex to be too ostentatious. At any rate, this rare 1601 is a brilliant example of how the details can elevate a common reference to space of sublime exclusivity and rarity! Check it out at the link below. 

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