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Stray Dog Classics and Hagerty Presents Cars & Tacos: An Eclectic Brooklyn Car Meet

Most New Yorkers don’t own cars. Between the perils and trevails of driving and street parking in Manhattan and Brooklyn, the additional costs of owning a car in one of the most expensive cities in the country, or the fact that NYC is one of the easiest cities in the world to get around in via public transit, owning a car – especially an enthusiast's ride – requires a certain degree of either necessity for commuters, or passion (read: masochism) for the rest of us.

Door dings, bumper rash, and the type of potholes that would require a lunar lander to swerve are all just part of the game here. So, it might be surprising to find that NYC actually has a thriving and eclectic car culture, and one that’s making a real point of getting together more frequently now that the pandemic has started to find a rhythm of normalcy.

Most recently, Brooklyn’s vintage Range Rover Classic backdating and customization specialists, Stray Dog Classics, and Hagerty, put on a fabulous “Cars & Tacos” event at Chilo’s in South Brooklyn. Directly across the street from the historic Green-Wood Cemetery’s beautiful and spooky Gothic Archway entrance, cars and enthusiasts from all walks of motoring culture filled up and rotated in-and-out of Chilo’s sunny courtyard. The restaurant’s patio hosted everything from the original 1957 #37 Porsche 356 A raced by Lake Underwood Sr. and various eras and flavors of 911s to burbling, classic American muscle cars, JDM mini trucks, and a few killer bikes! And of course, Stray Dog’s Darren Lilien’s personal backdated Range Rover Classic, ultra-rare ‘70s Volkswagen SP2, and lovely survivor 1974 Jaguar XJ12 were all on display. Despite the brutal Brooklyn summer heat, the vibe of the event was wonderful, the variety and range of the cars on-site was appreciated by all, and Chilo’s tacos and drinks were excellent! And there were even a few killer vintage watches to be seen!

The truth of the matter is the event represented a car culture microcosm of the greater cultural interplay that’s always made NYC such a special place, and we’re already looking forward to the next one!

Photos by Cooper Naitove @mrjuicebox on Instagram

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