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Tropical 1958 Omega Seamaster Automatic

Half the fun of watch collecting is the thrill of landing something special (whatever that may mean to you) which hasn’t quite hit the mainstream yet.

We here at Craft+Tailored are lucky that we get to play with, experience, and find new homes for many of proverbial white whales of the vintage watch world, but we get just as much fulfillment out of finding an under-appreciated reference or an example of a watch that’s aged in a particularly unique way. And we’re especially lucky to have our very own horological truffle pig on staff in Tyler Vanes, who explores and shares the rarities and under-loved watches he thinks are due for some serious attention in our Under The Radar series.

In this installment, Tyler brings a beautiful Omega Seamaster ref. 2846 10SC from 1958 to the table. Not only is this watch a rare reference within the vintage Omega world, its dial has aged with an exceptionally cool tropical patina. The patina on this example has an organic feel to it that is unlike any other ref. 2846 we’ve come across; it has undeniable personality and warmth to it, but has remarkably left the dial’s original two-tone look intact and immediately recognizable. We think this patina manages to elevate the dial’s handsome original details with how it wears its years in a brilliantly unique way. Powered by Omega’s workhorse in-house made cal. 501 automatic movement, this Seamaster is a simple, reliable little work of art that’s been kissed by nature in just the right way and is sized perfectly for a slimmer wrist or someone seeking understatement without grabbing a watch that will go unnoticed altogether. 

We could go on, but we’d rather let Tyler do the talking! Check out the video below in which Tyler waxes poetic on the details and features that set this Omega apart, the reasons he personally loves it beyond its striking looks, and why he believes this particular example is unjustifiably flying under the radar as both wearable investment and a slice of Omega’s past.


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